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Robotics is an interdisciplinary field which integrates multiple fields in engineering and applied sciences, ranging from mechatronics engineering to computer science. The design, development, operation and use of are part of robotics. The goal of robotics is to create automatically operated machines known as robots that replace human effort, though it may not resemble human beings in appearance or perform functions in a human like manner.


Historical Robot and Robotics

Many sources indicated the popularity of automatons in ancient and Medieval times. Ancient Greeks and Romans developed simple automatic devices for use as instruments, toys, and religious ceremonies. Unfortunately, none of the automatons exist today. However, the first industrial robot Unimate was designed by George Devol in the 1950s. It was robotic arm device that transported die castings in a General Motors plant in New Jersey started in 1961. The first robot production firm was Unimation, a company Devol created with robotic entrepreneur Joseph Engelberger. Originally, the robot was seen as a curiosity. The German company Kuka also built an automatic welding line for appliances and a multi-spot welding line for Volkswagen in the mid-1950s. By 1968, Kawasaki had licenced a hydraulic robot concept from Unimation and had started to develop it. In 1969, in one of its factories, GM had attained 90 percent of body welds using Unimates. Later Stanford University in 1970 developed the so-called Standard Arm which is used for assembling small parts and incorporate touch and pressure feedback.

Why is Robotics important?

Robotics technology influences every aspect of work and home. It has the ability to change lives and workplace environments positively, increase levels of productivity and protection, and provide enhanced levels of service. For instance, robots are widely used in automobile industries to perform simple repetitive task and also in various situations where work must be performed in an environment hazardous to humans.

Robot using a futuristic interface

Limitations of Robotics

The effect of unemployment on employees is one of the main issues surrounding the introduction of robotic automation. If a robot can operate at a higher, more consistent pace, so the fear is that there will be no need for humans at all. Not to mention, robots are excellent at storing huge chunks of information and data in them, but it is almost impossible to retrieve when lost. It is not as powerful as the brain of a human. Though they can carry out monotonous tasks, they do not gain experience in work they perform as humans do over time.


In conclusion, the robotics field is quite promising but to make a really intelligent robot requires tremendous amount of time, effort and knowledge. The ultimate goal of robotics is to build a robot with super human system that includes all the human skills such as touch, sensitivity, emotions and knowledge without any of their limitations such as aging and strengths.

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